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Who we are?

Adskeeper is the key to performance marketing with native advertising solutions. With the ability to seamlessly connect across all platforms, Adskeeper can unlock new revenue opportunities for your business through increased conversions and engagement rates!

Become an Advertiser

Unlock the full potential of your ad campaigns with Adskeeper.

With our extensive publisher’s toolbox, advertisers can amplify their website conversions and profit potential through an array of targeted native advertising solutions.

Native Traffic Diversity

Leverage the power of native ads to reach millions of users every day and harness the surge of high-quality traffic.

Affiliate Marketing Tools Made Easy

Our hub offers the perfect platform to unite digital marketing players, making it easier than ever before for them to benefit from strategic business relationships that can unlock more effective affiliate marketing software.

Referral Program

Take your knowledge to the next level and join forces with other experts! With Adskeeper, you can turn your expertise into a lucrative opportunity with our referral system.

Become a Publisher

Unlock the potential of your website with Adskeeper.

Adskeeper’s one-of-a-kind monetization approach simplifies the process for small and large publishers alike, allowing them to profit without compromising user experience.

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Traffic Monetization

Unlock a range of powerful monetization tools to skyrocket your profits from the people that matter the most — your audience.

Flexible Payment Terms

Get paid fast with customized payment plans! Enjoy the convenience of timely, flexible payments — hassle-free and secure.

Intuitive Ad Units Implementation

Unlock the power of Adskeeper in just a few clicks. With our easy-to-use code integration, you can seamlessly add dynamic ads to your website.

Our Ad Formats

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Build a dynamic community of subscribers across desktop, Android and iOS platforms to maximize monetization potential.
In-site Notifications

In-site Notifications

With in-site push notifications, advertisers can revolutionize how they capture user attention online. This powerful new tool is sure to turn heads and open up a world of opportunity for digital marketing!
Exit pop-up

Exit pop-up

Capture your audience with an unforgettable ad at the precise moment when they are most likely to take action!


Banner advertisements have been an integral part of advertising for decades, brightening content pages and adding excitement to the entire experience.
Mobile widget

Mobile widget

Mobile widgets are the key to unlocking user engagement with mobile interfaces. By intuitively responding and adapting to users' behavior, it's guaranteed to bring a unique level of connection.


Ads that make a statement without being invasive. From sleek, modern designs for larger-scale publishers to custom-made visuals tailored to smaller pages, our ads will seamlessly integrate with any webpage's look and feel!
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Our Partners

Over 20,000 partners trust Adskeeper with their advertising needs.